Ribbed Belts

New engine design is putting an increasing emphasis on space saving. Small pulley diameters necessitating thin, flexible belts are often the result. Optibelt ribbed belts are ideal products for today’s serpentine drives and operate all of the accessories quietly and smoothly.

    Component Seals:
  1. Fibre reinforced top surface:wear-resistant chloroprene rubber compound
  2. Tension cord: low stretch polyester
  3. Cushion rubber: high adhesion chloroprene cushion compound
  4. Base: chloroprene rubber compound

In passenger cars, commercial vehicles and buses, Optibelt ribbed belts drive the ancillaries such as the generator, the air conditioning compressor, the power steering pump and the turbocharger smoothly and quietly.

    Advantages :
  • Combination of trapezoidal ribs on a rubber core : high power,transmission,high wear resistance,quiet running
  • Single belt characteristic : vibration-free as well as insensitive to pulsating running and intermittent loads
  • Polyester tension cord : excellent tension behaviour, with low stretch
  • Low section height : very ß exible, extremely small pulley diameters, serpentine drives (using reverse bend idlers), good heat resistance, long life